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We are in the business of allowing you to reclaim your time. With help from our concierge professionals your day can run a lot smoother and more efficient. Behind our concierge service specialist you have an entire admin team, scheduling, confirming and assigning your service requests. You will always have the support you need when booking, changing or cancelling your service request. For more information, questions or just want to drop a line, email us at We love hearing from our customers.


Home is where the heart is, it's also where you need to trust anyone that comes in. Your concierge team member is hired by Contemporary Concierge and is professional and proficient at what they do. All of our team members go through background screening and there is no self contractors joining us here. Our company is insured and bonded, we are rated by your neighbors and trusted by your apartment community team.

how much do you charge?

There is no additional fee to complete a task service for you. Depending on your community we provide either 1-2 task service(s) each week. Some services that you elect may require a third party vendor to complete this request for you. Services such as maid service, handyman service, dog groomers, mobile detailers all require an additional fee for their service. Curious about what services we can provide to you? Hop on over and check out our service menu and find out what task you can book your concierge specialist for.

Great question! Here at Contemporary Concierge our analytics show that 88% of our clientele need services available to them Monday thru Friday. Based on our analytics this is when the majority of our residents are experiencing job related work projects, extended hours to accomplish work productivity, parents who stay at home need assistance through the week with various task. Our concierge team members are available to assist you 5-days-a-week! Our service hours based on your community. Please be sure to contact us if you have any further questions. 

do i need to leave a key, how do you get in?

Should your request require key access, you're in luck! We work directly with your management staff to provide your concierge team member access to your home. Your concierge team member will check out a key from the community leasing office before your appointment. After each appointment our team members are diligent in locking up your sanctuary and returning the keys. In some cases, you may have specific entry instructions such as a door code, place that in the booking notes for your concierge team member. Not often, but there has been rare instances where the management staff may not have an extra key to provide access to your home. We will do everything possible to gain access/entry including contacting you to see if you might be in the area to let us in. If access/entry is not available for your concierge team member we are happy to reschedule your request to a different day. 

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who are you sending into my home?