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About Contemporary Concierge

Thank you for your interest in our concierge services. We are the number one front runner of providing apartment concierge services to the multi-family industry in Houston. Presently, our company caters to property management services assisting their residents with apartment concierge services within the Multi-Family industry.  At this time we are not taking on personal clients. If you are a property manager, representative or looking for apartment concierge services for your  community please visit our  apartment concierge page to submit your information. Houston's number one apartment concierge service. 

At Contemporary Concierge we truly believe that time is a valued asset that no one has anymore. Our concierge staff specializes in assisting your residents individual needs and allows them to get that asset back. Contemporary Concierge can manage all of their daily errands and complete personal or work related projects. With assistance from your apartment concierge, your residents productivity at work will improve and they’ll gain time to spend with their family and friends.

Contemporary Concierge gives you those extra hours in the day you’ve been hoping for and the satisfied feeling of being caught up rather than always feeling like you’re behind. Please visit our  testimonial page  to experience our commitment to our clients peace of mind. 

Contemporary Concierge exclusively caters to the apartment industry. We contribute personal concierge services to residential communities providing a commitment to your current and prospective residents, who contribute to your properties success. Please visit choosing concierge services to learn how you can turn your residential community into a luxury style resort. Give us an opportunity to talk to you about our concierge services.